Just acquired a 1966 Merceds Benz 200 with around 110k miles. Overall nice shape. This car has a ton of character. The common name for this car is heckflosse or finback. (Sometimes called fintail.) Lots planned for this car. Right now, repairing a blown head gasket and brakes need work. I am finding a lot that needs repair. Read below for details.

On the trailer, and on the way home.

More on the way home. We made a stop for food, etc. Looks good sitting on the trailer.

Here's some pictures of the car now that I have it home. The paint needs to be buffed out, and the chrome repolished. But, overall in pretty good shape. The mechanicals are in need of attention as the car overheats, and the rear brakes are stuck on. (parking brake more than likely.) Interior is in incredible shape, though the dash will need some attention. Lots of plans for this... But, for now, enjoy the pictures.

I am quite a ways into work on this, but haven't had time to uploaded images and details. Coming soon.