1999 Chevrolet S10

This replaces my last parts truck.  Learned a lesson about the last one.  Buy something that you think is cool, and you want to own.  I bought my last truck as purely an appliance.   Found that I didn't spend the time and money to upkeep it, and didn't enjoy driving it as much.  So, I found something I liked and something that has a good support with aftermarket parts.


So, here it is.  An S10 extended cab.  Exactly what I want.  I haven't decided whether to keep the shell or not.  But, I am planning on updating the brakes, and installing a Belltech suspension.  The intent is to get something with similar car-like performance, handing and braking.    Initially, I am going to do a bunch of tests to establish a benchmark, and then make changes while noting the benefits.  I am going to use a GTECH to get the benchmark measurements and to take resultant data from changes.


Lowering the vehicle should boost handling as well as economy as less air should be trapped under the truck.  Larger wheels should help the handling, but will require better brakes. 


This page is a work in progress and will add details as I change things.  (7-22-2005)

(9-5-2005)  I have been driving the truck for this first month of operation and it is nice.  I like the extra space in the cab with the extracab, and the truck is crisp in performance and comfortable to drive.  In additon, I am getting with AC on, about 17.5mpg.  I have the Gibson exhaust and will be installing that very soon.  The next additon will be a K&N FIPK kit.

Update: 7-5-2011

Have had the truck for over 6 years now. Gibson exhaust, K&N air intake, lowered, and 235/45/17 tires. Handles well, and I am getting consistent 19.5 mpg. I just took the shell off, and putting a tonneau cover on. I am curious what affect the mpg will have. By the way, the mpg is for commute. Open road I get about 22mpg, and can't seem to get that any better.

More on the truck ownership. Very happy with it. I have had some repairs over the last 6 years and 55k miles. Driveshaft went bad. AC compressor went bad. Bad water pump and alternator. And the radiator tanks cracked, which seems to be common problem. But, for a truck with 136k miles, I don't think that is bad at all. Repairs and parts were cheap. Most of the problems occurred at 100k miles.

Chevrolet S10 1999

Extended Cab, V6