Alfa Romeo 164S (1991)

My first Alfa was a 1987 Milano Gold.  Even though this was not the most powerful version of this model, it was a hoot to drive.  I bought it with 100k miles on it and drove it until it had 150k miles.  At that time, it was going to cost too much to fix the ailments, and I sold it.  <Sigh>  Now, that was a mistake.  So, for about 4 years, I didn't have an Alfa.  I started looking last year, and after many very bad 164s, and a couple of good ones that the deal fell through on, I found one on Ebay.  Passion overtook reason, and I bought it.


Well, it was a mess, and I probably paid too much for it.  But I had one.   Now, don't get me wrong, I don't regret getting the car, as I kind of wanted a project anyway.  (Well, that it was...)


More later...

Alfa164s_Driver_side.JPG (711854 bytes)

Alfa 164S

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