Escape Velocity Press Comics    
Null Patrol
Issue 1

Escape Velocity
Issue 1

Black Beard Tales.
Issue 1

  This all started in 1985, when I decided to try my hand at publishing comics. Having several friends who were professional artists helped.  We started with Null Patrol, which lasted 2 issues before the bust of the independant market, and we did a house title called, Escape Velocity. 

One of my friends, who started his comics with us, Richard Becker, went on to publish a pirate comic, Black Beard Tales, on his own.  It is still in production.


Null Patrol #1
This is the one that started it all. Kirk and I thought about what we do for a comic, and he had this idea. We talked about it, and fleshed out what the comic would be about. I went and wrote the script, and we talked some more. Finally we started to create the book, and started the production.

Null Patrol #2
As with most things, we were starting to get the idea better about where the comic was going. Sadly, the market fell out on the independants, and we ceased publishing after two issues.

Escape Velocity Comics #1
This book was intended to be published off month from Null Patrol and would be used to try out ideas for future titles. Again, we got two issues published before the market died for independants.