Inspiration Point, Berkeley.   January 16, 2005

What a beautiful day for a drive, and an internet meet.  We all met on the Marina in Berkeley and then drove to Inspiration Point. 

The parking at the Marina was perfect for this event, and a fair amount of cars showed with a large sprectrum of cars, including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Citreon, Porsche, Datsuns, among some of the marques. 


The drive to the point was great as weather was the usual California treat.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Arriving at the point, we meet with our first problem.  No Parking!  Well, people just found a place, and of course, the park ranger came over to discuss our choice of parking.   <sigh>   Otherwise a good event.

A bunch of the Alfa's from the AlfaBB, including one errant German car.  (Mine!)