Maserati Biturbo

Fast.  Breaks.  What more needs to be said.   :)  Actually, fantastic interior.  People would come up and talk to me when I was in this car.

As for what breaks...   Electrical mostly.   The fuse box is an incredible mess, and prone to failure.  I was stranded three times with this car.  Twice with the fusebox, before I realized what was wrong.   Also, the alternator died on me.  Hand brake broke twice.


Maserati 020.jpg (201341 bytes)

Bitrubo showing vents.jpg (319581 bytes)

Previous Owner had vents added to the hood.  (Helped underhood temperature)

Biturbo Carb Detail.jpg (66410 bytes)

Any doubt about who makes this car?  This is the carb box as it is a blow-through turbocharger.

Biturbo Engine Overall.jpg (69017 bytes)

The Previous owner also added intercoolers.  (Did I mention this car is fast?)

Biturbo Front with Grill.jpg (91750 bytes)

Finally, the previous owner also added Lexus lights in place of the factory setup.   Before I sold this car, it was converted back to the dual square headlights.