Porsche 914-4 (1974)

My first Porsche.  Started out as a 1.8l, that I blew the motor on.  Found a wrecked 2.0 and pulled the motor and transmision to put in my car.  Boy, I tried carbs, headers, and the 2.0 in stock form was much more fun to drive.  (And faster.)  I put in stiffer torsion bars, and springs and Bilstein shocks.  It was a hoot to autocross.  I used to do very well with it, with no motor modifications.  Wow.  I had great fun with this car, but the horsepower bug bit.  I had to have more power.  So, I bought a 914-6 with the 2.7 motor in it.  Read about this on the other page.


Here's some pictures before the paint, and after.   (Right before I sold it.)  I had also new carpets, and the seats were redone.   (The dash under the carpet cover has no cracks!)



74-914-4 Passenger Side.jpg (374265 bytes)

Before Painting

74-914-4-Rear.jpg (352660 bytes)

Before painting.

EBay-914 Front.jpg (75361 bytes)

After Painting

EBay-914 Driver Side.jpg (76226 bytes)


EBay-914 Rear.jpg (68664 bytes)

EBay-914 Driver Seat.jpg (78013 bytes)

EBay-914 Passenger Seat.jpg (75578 bytes)