Porsche 914-6 (1973)

Ok.  This is a car to get into trouble with.  I got pulled over going the speed limit in this one.  And yes, this is not a real 914-6, it is a conversion.  Let's look at the stats:   2100 lbs, and 200 hp.  Yow.  It is flat out dangerous to drive in wet weather, which I only get caught in, when surprised.  Suspension and brakes were taken from a 911 Carrera.  I added a torsen differential to it, as it had a tendancy to spin suddenly. The suspension still needs some work, as it is more set up as a cruiser.   The wheels are American Racing wheels are 16x8.

So, what is it like to drive this beast?  Here's what's its like in an AutoX



Well, at the last autox, the throttle stuck full on, and with the brakes locked, the car would not stop. Results?  Flat spotted tires all the way to the cord!  Well, I knew I needed to upgrade the brakes.  So, that said, I have crossdrilled rotors and Ferrodo pads.  I will let you know how these work out.   :)











Update:  While autocrossing, Ifound that the car was understeeting.  Someone took some pictures of me, and I noticed that the rear of the car had much more lean than the ftont.  So, I got underneath the car, and the rear sway bar link had failed.  Wow.  Maybe that was why it was leaning so much!   :)


Calling GPR, I ordered a new adjustable swar bar and installed it.


See the next photos, and you can see how well planted the car is...  I also found I almost dropped a whole second off my autocross times,and I went from 5-6 place for TTOD to 2-3 place.  Nice. 











































Porsche914-6.JPG (60621 bytes)


porsche_914-6_autocross_6_17_2007_front.jpg (154517 bytes)

Notice the amount of lean in the front.

porsche_914-6_autocross_6_17_2007_rear.jpg (204084 bytes)

And you can see for the same corner, I have much more lean in the rear.

porsche914_enteringcorner.jpg (196756 bytes)

Now, the car is much more stable in the corners and well planted.

porsche914_exitingcornerwithoversteer.jpg (185870 bytes)

heh.  Here I was trying my hand at drifting.  I would not have been able to do this with the understeer the car had before.  And, even with all the fun, I was having, I still managed a decent time, albeit slower than the correct lines.  :)


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