Why I Hate SUVs

Plenty has been said on this topic.   Well, for me, it was what happened to my ex-wife.  She was sitting quietly (stopped) in Traffic and an SUV slammed into her, sending her to the hospital.  The woman driving the car, said, "I didn't see that traffic had stopped", and claimed she wasn't speeding.  Witnesses testified that she was over the speed limit, and didn't even hit her brakes.  See the pictures, and you can see the damage a 7000lb SUV in the hand of someone who is negligent can do.  My Point?  That such vehicles available to people without special licenses or consideration for the differences from a regular car to these monstrosities.  If this had been a regular car, the damage would have been less.  And maybe, and this just might be me fooling myself, if people felt they would be hurt if they weren't paying attention, they might actually pay more attention when driving.  For those who care about some of the details, my ex-wife was pushed into the car in front of her, which was pushed into the car in front of it, etc.  Finally all told, 5 cars were wrecked because of this negligent person. In addition, she suffered back pain for many months following the accident.

Honda Accident 001.jpg (719740 bytes)

Notice that the trunk has completely collapsed to absorb the impact. 

Honda Wreck